Patrick Merlino
The inspiration for came when I was in junior high. I started making web sites for a few of my teachers as a favor and then everyone wanted one. Rather than doing my homework, I found myself creating web sites for all of my insttructors. Most of my teachers could not afford to pay for development and hosting of a site, and I needed more time to complete my homework so my dad suggested I come up with a way to make the process quick, easy, and affordable. And thus, was born…

The past few years have been an amazing time for me. I have continued my education with computers and have learned several new computer languages. Recently, I traveled to Asia and met the Dali Lahma’s advisors to help them set up a computer network for the Monastery. As a side project, I created a 3D meditation image for the Dali Lahma, which is now used in the Monastery’s meditation practices. My dream is to one day work for Steven Spielberg or George Lucas to create special effects and graphics for movies.

In addition to my computer work, I am a volunteer Firefighter and EMT on San Juan Island. I recently got married to a wonderful woman and am enjoying married life. On the off chance that I have a moment to spare, I enjoy boating, drawing, sculpting, flying model airplanes and spending time with my family.

The most important thing to remember when creating your web site is not to be afraid! We have made the process extremely simple by taking care of the programming for you… There are No Excuses!