Jessica Merlino
As you might have noticed, we have been very busy at over the past few months. While attending conferences and helping teachers by email, we received many suggestions from teachers like you on how to make the creation and administration process better. Patrick, Rick, CJ and I have also encountered ideas through our other endeavors that we felt could be implemented at to help us be more profitable and to help you have even more freedom during the creation process. I hope you will find these new features both liberating and inspiring- don’t hesitate- create the site you’ve always wanted!!

I am still working in the mortgage industry and am currently working as a Product and Technology Consultant for a major mortgage lender. I have built several sales territories from scratch and thoroughly enjoy helping loan officers find the best product for their borrowers’ needs. My experience as a Product and Technology Consultant has been extremely helpful in promoting technology in the classroom, and marketing our service more effectively.

My evenings are usually filled with one exciting project or another but I always try to find time to work out, read, and write poetry. The book I wrote, I Should Tell You, has done pleasantly well and is available in Washington book stores and at Occasionally, you’ll even find me doing book signings in the San Juan Islands at the local artists’ gallery.