Frequently Asked Questions:

1 - What if I don't have e-mail and/or the internet available at home or at school?
2 - How can I change my password to something I can remember?
3 - I forgot my password. How do I find out what it is?
4 - Why do I have two passwords?
5 - Why shouldn't I use the same password for both the administration and the attachment password?
6 - How do I edit my web page and how often can I change it?
7 - Why don't the changes I make show on the "Administer My Web Page" section?
8 - How do I copy and paste text from another application into
9 - How can I change the color scheme of my web page?
10 - Can I direct my students to other web sites to do specific research?
11 - Can I add links to the Resources?
12 - How do I report a broken link?
13 - How do I get back to once I follow a link to another site or affiliate?
14 - How do I add/delete homework assignments to my site?
15 - How will my students access my web page? Will parents be able to access it?
16 - Will other classes be able to view my site and its attachments?
17 - How do I attach files for my students to view?
18 - Why do some pictures seem to take a long time to upload?
19 - What if I don't want a thumbnail photo to show when I upload a picture?
20 - How do I delete old files or images?
21 - How much memory space am I allowed per attachment?
22 - How many Custom Pages am I allowed?
23 - How do students view my attachments?
24 - Can I have a separate password for each one of my students?
25 - Will give out my personal information?
26 - Do I have to put my email address on the site?
27 - How do I post grades to this site?
28 - Will other people be able to edit my site?
29 - Are there any charges for setting up a web page?
30 - Can I edit the site from more than one computer?
31 - Can I have more than one web page?
32 - What is the "from the desk of" area for?
33 - Can I put my own photo or school logo on my page?
34 - Are there any monthly fees?
35 - Are there any costs?
36 - In the recommended reading section, why is there a link to
37 - Can I set up parent/teacher conference appointments on my web page?
38 - My school is not listed in the database. How do I add it?
39 - Is there a way to create a shortcut from my desktop to
40 - The information for my school isn't correct. How do I change it?
41 - What is the custom page option on the Administer My Website page?
42 - How do I change the color and text on my custom page?
43 - Can I have several pictures on my custom page?
44 - Are my custom pages password protected?
45 - Why am I having problems creating a custom page or selecting a graphic for the custom pages?
46 - Keeping up with posting assignments?
47 - Why should I have a recommended reading list when the school text is all we use?
48 - What is's mailing policy?
49 - Is there advertising on my site?
50 - How do I change my Attachment Password